There can be no more exhilarating, glamorous, and thrilling environment to host an event in than that of MotoGP™, a sport that generates passion and excitement wherever it goes around the world.

The World Championship was reencountered in Australia in 1997 with one of the most traditional enclaves in motorsport.

Phillip Island, the self-styled home of Australian motorsport, is steeped in motor racing tradition, with the first car races having been held there on public roads in the 1920s. The circuit fell into disrepair during the late 70s and it returned to the Championship in 1997.

The Phillip Island Circuit is blessed with breathtaking scenery and beautiful ocean views and, as one of the fastest, most fluid tracks on the calendar, it continues to provide some of the most spectacular racing.

Australian MotoGP™ Hospitality

Please see below for details of our excellent hospitality in Australia, located at the MotoGP VIP Village™.